Ethos, Vision & Values

At Manaccan Primary we strive to develop confident, self-assured, positive young people who ‘dream it, believe it & achieve it’. 


Our highly talented teaching staff are ambitious for every child in their care and bring excellence and enjoyment together to the classroom. We know that children learn best when they are excited and engaged, so we have created a curriculum which does just that. 

Vocabulary, Outcomes, Integrity, Communication & Enquiry (VOICE) forms the rationale for our curriculum and what drives it going forward. 


The excellent teaching challenges the children and shows them what they can achieve.  


We place great emphasis on developing strong relationships with all our children, parents and carers, along with our local and wider community, to provide the best possible outcomes for our children. We encourage our pupils to show consideration towards each other; understand differences, and uphold the core values of honesty, kindness & perseverance. 


Honesty - We demonstrate honesty in what we say and what we do, and we value the truth. 


Kindness - Kindness is being generous and considerate to others and ourselves. We show kindness by being tolerant, accepting, and inclusive. 


Perseverance - We promote the inner strength that allows us to remain dedicated to a purpose, idea, or task, allowing us to achieve. 

Manaccan Primary School
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